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Scrying Faery by EmpressIllyria.deviantart.com

So my friend JerzeeGirl did this interesting Faery for a friend as a tattoo; Faery Tattoo by *Jerzee-Girl on deviantART and I liked the piece alot and felt all inspired and decided to have a go at .


Best butterfly clip art collection: more than 170 free, large drawings of butterflies and clip art to choose from, including cartoon butterflies and fractal art.

Magickal Art: Fairy art and Fantasy art of Jennifer Galasso. Fairy art, mermaid art, dragon art, faeries and faery art, mythological art, pagan art, wiccan art, and the darker side of Fae.

Part of my Birthstone Fairy series.February Birthstone Fairy (Amethyst) with Violets (February's flower.


realistic butterfly coloring pages printable coloring pages, sheets for kids. Get the latest free realistic butterfly coloring pages images, favorite coloring pages to print online.

Butterfly wing cake template

The possibilities for this exquisite template - glass painting fabric art applique stumpwork embroidery filigree work papercrafting string art embroidery .