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a poem written in black and white with an image of two people sitting on top of a
Child spirit
a black and white photo with the words, 10 % of conflicts is due to differences in opinion and 90 % is due to wrong tone of voice
a facebook page with the words think before you speak and then, it's true?
technology rocks. seriously.: Before you Speak: THINK {again}
a black and white quote with the words,'what is it about? '
Best motivational quotes - Positive Quotes About Life
Always think of this before you say ANYTHING... if only everyone lived by this mantra....
a purple flower with the words practice the pause before judging pause before assuming pause before accepting pause whenever you're about to react
Practice the pause
a quote that says, all i ask is that everybody act like they have some sense
All I ask is that everybody act like they have some sense. -Dr. Phil
buddha quote on purpose to speak always ask yourself it's true, it's necessary
descobri que a magia vive dentro de cada um de nós, ela desperta através da arte, desperta-nos! vamos fazer magia?
a quote that says stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it
True say.
a black and white photo with the quote simply let go of the illusion that it could have been any different
It was all an illusion...
It Hurts, Anger, Great Quotes