End of life - Courageous conversations and actions

Facilitating end-of-life issues
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How to make sure your assets pass to your loved ones exactly as you want—with the fewest possible hassles, taxes and delays
We know you don't want to talk about estate planning, BUT... #lastwill,lastwillandtestamentforms,willforms

Estate planning

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Mindfulness Conversation Guide for Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches to Use in Sessions with Clients.
Little changes to make your relationships a lot better.
Noble Call - The 10 Questions of a Courageous Conversation

What is a courageous conversation

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Volunteer at Hospice.
Masters of Love - The Atlantic
5 Ways to Use Music at the End of Life (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post10225258&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)


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13 Things You Should Know About Grief After Miscarriage or Baby Loss.
Losing a child is difficult, whether it be an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth or fetal abnormality. Nine ideas to honor the baby and life that never was.


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So true. Well i have always said i am not perfect but believe me i have made mistakes in my life but some dont know and never will know the truth. Sorry but u better live in a glass house before u throw stones at me. Learn the truth before u ever post anything about me. Maybe hes lying to u... Hmmmm think about that!!!
life is short
"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."


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What papers do you need when someone dies? » Urns | Online
What to do when a loved one dies: A checklist you can download or print and keep with your final arrangements.
Duties of an executor – an executor’s checklist


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What happens after someone dies? Death and dying can be difficult, but don't worry! You can still connect with your deceased loved ones once they go to heaven. life after death | death and dying | spiritual inspiration
Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones in Heaven. #signs #heaven
Veteran journalist and author of Opening Heaven's Door: Investigating Stories of Life, Death, and What Comes After explains what she discovered after researching how people cross over.

Deathbed visions

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Living will, DNR and other instructions

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Click to learn about 7 common issues that arise when a loved one is in the final stages of life & what to do to make them more comfortable. Anticipatory Grief | Terminally Ill | Coping With Anticipatory Grief | Signs Death is Near | Signs of Death
When death looms - the signs and symptoms of final moments on earth
“Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing to Do with God” — Print/ Paper Edition Out Today!

Talking about dying & death doulas

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Other things to talk about and do

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The essential checklist of who to call and what to do if someone dies at home,. #loveliveson
Learn the 10 Signs of Death approaching. Also find Practical Tips for making your loved one more comfortable—and for taking care of you—during this hard time. #loveliveson
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Mindful dying

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Obituary Examples, Essential Elements of an Obituary, & What not to include. Click for 7 essential elements of an obituary & 55+ obituary examples to help write an obituary.

Funerals and after

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Kővirág szívek
Funeral Flower Meanings | The Origin of the Rose Meaning. Click to learn more about rose symbolism in funeral flowers and the meanings of 10+ other popular types of funeral flowers.

Wonderful flowers

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If Grief Could Speak, Here Are Five Things It Would Say | HuffPost


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Lighted Glass Block "It's Hard To Forget Someone..." - Kelly Belly Boo-tique - 1
You May Be Gone From My Sight Winnie The Pooh Quotes


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Kal Akal Mantra: Removing The Fear of Death – Mantras + Miracles
(Image via Pinterest)  For the last few years I've been in relationship with death. I'm not dying, it's nothing like that, but my lessons and my path are intertwined with it anyway. I suppose that's a whole other story on it's own...Most importantly what I have learned from this dance with death is to recognize what is of real value to me. I've taken up asking myself daily, "If this was to be my last day, my last moment, would I be satisfied with my life?" I...
Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Mantra : Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits - YouTube

Powerful protection mantras

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Embracing death | Caleb Wilde | TEDxStGeorge - YouTube


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the words if griff could speak, here are five things it would say
If Grief Could Speak Here Are Five Things It Would Say
If Grief Could Speak, Here Are Five Things It Would Say | HuffPost
the words 10 letters to loved ones after death on top of an image of folded paper
Letters to Loved Ones After Death: 10 Things You Need to Say » Urns
Useful Life Hacks, Emergency Binder Checklist, Legal Documents, Important Documents, Organizing Paperwork
Important Documents Binder Checklist Printables and Paperwork Organizing Tips
a text message written in black and white with the words, make sure all bank accounts have direct benefiaries
the words 12 documents you should organize before you die so you don't burden your children
12 Documents You Should Organize Before You Die So You Don't Burden Your Children — Delish
a desk with a notepad, pen and glasses on it that says letters to loved ones after death 10 things you need to say
Letters to Loved Ones After Death: 10 Things You Need to Say » Urns
someone writing on a piece of paper with the words papers to find when someone dies
What papers do you need when someone dies? » Urns
a man standing in front of a couch with the words don't sign a will before considering these 26 provisions
26 Provisions Your Last Will and Testament Could Include
Life Planner, Fitness, Family Planning, Planning Checklist
Free End-of-Life Checklist
two women holding hands with the text 21 important questions to ask your parents before they are gone
21 Questions to ask your parents while they are still here
a man is holding his hands up in front of him with the words, include these from your will
Eight Things NOT To Put In Your Will