South Africa

Jacaranda in full bloom, Spring in Johannesburg, South Africa. Same jacaranda trees lined the streets where I grew up in Southern California.

South African Bride

Occasion: This woman is wearing a traditional South African wedding dress. The well-known white dress is worn but is also detailed with African jewelry. The unique accents such as the head wrap and neck collar symbolize tradition and African culture

Zulu Flower Children - South Africa by South African Tourism, via Flickr

Zulu Flower Children, Cosmos, Natal Midlands, South Africa - by South African Tourism

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Today South Africa is characterised by the kaleidoscope of cultures, traditions…

Namaqualand in South Africa BelAfrique - Your Personal Travel Planner -

Namaqua daisies surround a desolate tree- Namaqualand in South Africa.

South African coins from back in the day

South African coins from back in the day.the coins of my childhood. You could buy Chappies Bubblegum with the half-penny piece

Proudly South African

Today I am grateful to be South African, Proudly South African

Malvapoeding! Njam!

Malva Pudding - South African dessert 1 cup Caster Sugar 2 Extra-Large Eggs 1 TB Smooth Apricot Jam 1 cup Flour 1 t Baking Soda Pinch Salt 2 TB Butter 1 t Vinegar cup Milk I've never had this, but it sounds amazing!