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the face of darth vader in green and black with text that reads snape is not impressed 10 points from gryffindor
112 Harry Potter Memes That Will ~Always~ Make You Laugh
17 Harry Potter Memes That Are So Dumb They're Great
a comic strip with two pictures of people waving
Halfway Happy
~ hahaha this is just amazing ~ More
there is nothing good on tv and it's funny to see the same person
I love this!!!! <3 lol Two of my favorite things: Once Upon A Time & The Hunger Games!!
four different pictures with the caption that says, bad guys don't observe a nose
harry potter and ron weasley poster with text that reads,'no even ron weasley could pass this harry potter test can you? '
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Are you smarter than Ron Weasley? HP trivia test. Do you think you know EVERYTHING about Harry Potter? Test your Harry Potter Knowledge on this HP quiz. JK Rowling. Ron Weasley.
a woman in black dress talking to someone
Love me some Regina!
four different pictures with the same person in each one's face and words above them
once upon a time♡ on Twitter
I want to be More
a group of people standing next to each other
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a sign that says, my face the first time i saw captain hook
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No joke that was my face.
many pictures of the same woman with different words on them, including one saying that they are
☠Evil Wicked Pan☠ on Twitter
The struggles of Emma Swan during season 1. .... Holy crap there's a lot ^^yeah season 1 was a killer<---- it only got worse though..
there is a movie poster with two people talking to each other
Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones -Captain Hook - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time
the many faces of tv character
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Colin O'Donoghue -Killian Jones - Captain Hook and Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time
a quote from j k rowling that reads, shape is indictive he's cruel
“Snape is vindictive, he’s cruel. He’s not a big man. But he loves. I like him, but I’d also like to slap him hard” – JK Rowling #HappyBirthdaySnape