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This is too fun.

It's mesmerizing. I did this longer than I should have XD<<<every time I see this I go 'this isn't entertaining' before remembering I've just sat here doing it for 3 minutes

I just spent the last ten minutes doing this and laughing every single time

love post for my boomer place - Yahoo Image Search Results

photo 12.03.15 - 1.gif

Your friend Peter Horgan is using FriendLife and would love it if you joined them

Mean while at Arts Class

If you play AC you'll get it. If you don't play AC but know a sufficient bit about it, you'll get it then also :)

Thanks Assassins Creed! - http://www.videogamesmeme.com/memes/thanks-assassins-creed/

Assassin's Creed 2 - "If I ever went to Florence, I would walk around like 'Been there, climbed that.

you can prance on snow?

legolas rubbing his magical elf abilities in connor’s face