When we taped everything off TV

Are you watching these? Have your cassettes transferred so your memories can be enjoyed and passed on before they deteriorate. VHS by Hollis Brown Thornton permanent marker on paper 8 x 10 inches

Old South African money

Old South African Rand currency. I remember receiving these for a birthday or Christmas present inside a card. Can& imagine posting money through the post in today& world.

Viewmaster watercolor by Karen Kuryck

Karen Kurycki is on the list of my favorite people with a box of watercolors. Seriously - this lady makes the colors just fly off the paper to turn the mundane into something absolutely brilliant! That bright little View Master

Zoo Biscuits!!

Zoo biscuits - my adult children still love these. Have to buy them from the South African store in Barrie, Ontario though.

South Africa

South West Africa 1927 Scott 97 carmine & black Overprint type "r"

south africa

a visual look at vintage postage stamps from around the world with a focus on design and illustration (any additional history in forms of notes always appreciated) Curated by Karen Horton

South Africa 1988 Cape of Good Hope Set Fine Mint                    SG 631 4 Scott 706 9 Other South African Stamps HERE

South Africa 1988 Cape of Good Hope Set Fine Mint