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Hanandi Van Der Merwe

Hanandi Van Der Merwe
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"slow down" bowls (to keep your dogs from eating too fast and potentially making themselves sick)

Bowl ideas for fast eaters. Makes dogs eat slower. Can decrease the chance of bloat and GDV which are emergencies and can be fatal.

How to choose the best bowl for your dog's breed

"Choosing 'The Best' Dog Food Bowl" Note that while the infographic shows that doxies prefer deep bowls to accommodate their long noses, it is also true that many a long-haired doxie will have ear hair long enough to also need a steep sided bowl.

Infographic Sharing the Benefits of Raw Feeding

Benefits of Raw Feeding.Amazing infographic created by

Bone broth is a miracle food for dogs. A quick and inexpensive grocery-shopping trip will give you all you need to make a nutrient rich meal for your dogs that has several benefits.

Delivering pet happiness by conveniently shipping brands of pet food and stuff (for free!

Raw Feeding Infographic >> I don't agree with ALL of this but this plan is still much better than kibble

Thinking of switching to raw dog food? Here are a few tips and tricks we have learned from our experience with raw feeding.

Rust colored tear stains around your dog's eyes can be unsightly on a light colored coat. These tips should help make the stains better or stop them! ***Giveaway good for 2 more days*** Don't miss out!

FreshPaws Tear Stain Remover - Product demo w/ pics, how & why dark stains happen/how to maintain/prevent.

DIY Headboards for Every Home DIYReady.com | Easy DIY Crafts, Fun Projects, & DIY Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

DIY Headboard Project Ideas for Every Home DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos


click-for-free-planked-headboard-plans- maybe a 50 inch wide sheet of plywood for a queen bed?

How to Create a Wood Pallet Accent Wall | eHow

How to build a pallet accent wall in an afternoon. Includes tips on safe pallets to use, and building wire pathways for mounting a TV. I would use black paper backing between the firing strips and the pallet wood.

Love this headboard. My husband made me an all white one, but he painted over fresh wood and it has a pink hue to it. Maybe adding brown would help

old barn door, cost 30 bucks for the door plus the lacker to seal it, and it was about 300 at pottery barn! Then we did a collage of vintage mirrors and vintage along with some newer picture frames and just painted them all shades of white!