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three pancakes stacked on top of each other on a white plate with powdered sugar
Polish Apple Pancakes
Polish Apple pancakes - this recipe is amazing!
some food that is on a pan and ready to be cooked
Bear Paws - Czech Christmas Cookie Recipe - Emperors Crumbs
Bear Paws – Czech Christmas Cookie Recipe
there are many cupcakes in the tray on the table next to some candles - Všetky správy a informácie na jednom mieste
Šuhajdy patria k vianočnej klasike, viete ich správne pripraviť? Pozrite si náš originálny videorecept |
a cake made to look like a sheep
Czech lamb cake - Easter tradition - my grandma used to have this lamb mold!
a heart shaped chocolate with white designs on it
Beautiful Holiday Gingerbread Designs from the Czech Republic
powdered sugar coated donuts on a plate
Mamka varí ♥ : ŠÚĽANCE Z TVAROHU
there is a bell on the table that has a house in it and trees around it
a menu for a restaurant with spoons on it
Recepty - Tabulky pro vážení bez váhy
Recepty - Tabulky pro vážení bez váhy
a loaf of hot cross buns sitting on top of a cutting board next to a christmas tree
Original Czech Christmas Bread Recipe
The Vanocka (a special bread made for Christmas) has a long history and is still popular today. In the past, it went under such names as huska or calta, and in some places in the Czech Republic today it can be found under a wide variety of names: pletenice, pletanka, stedrovice, stedrovecernice, stricka, strucla, zemle, and ceplik. Today, the vanocka is an indispensable and necessary part of the Christmas holidays, whether made at home.
some cookies and pastries are on a glass plate
Christmas Cookies Part 4: Walnuts (Oriešky) recipe
plate full of Slovak Czech Christmas cookies