Halima Hoosen-Preston

Halima Hoosen-Preston

Halima Hoosen-Preston
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A Mother's Prayer ~ Thank. You, God for my wonderful Daughter. The years have gone by so fast. She's all grown up now and turned into a beautiful lady. She is my Daughter, my friend, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Thank You God.

Venice Gondola | Ven

Venice Gondola | Ven

There's the door.

Why is it that house guests forget this one simple fact: the dog lives here, you don’t! This bold and quirky wall poster will remind your friends that dogs are family! Print reads, “If my dog makes you uncomfortable, I’d be …

Als je haar maar goed zit. Chelsea en Nancy.

Lol I love my mom she my mom by chance and my best friend by choice. I will always let her into my life my feelings and love even if she's my stalker I love you tons mom you are amazing! I love you!

What boys are made of!

what are little boys made of.makes me think of my little boys growing up & the adventures yet to be had with my lil' grand baby boys!

Exactly why I ignore certain people. My kids need to know it's ok to stop talking to toxic people even if it's "family"

Exactly how we train dogs, too! My kids will need to know it's OK to stop talking to toxic people even if they're "family"

Love it!

Gift Idea for Isaac: To my Son, I sometimes wish. Poem by: Larry Howland This is lovely. Such a beautiful idea to print and frame for graduation or the wedding day. Must have a photo with mom and the boy as a baby!