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Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be and he will become what he should be - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not believe all the things you tell yourself late at night. #quote #truth #realtalk

When you are tired.late nights are not the best times to believe all of your mental and emotional activity.sleep on it and see how you think and feel in the morning!

I was just talking to my wise dad about this. Take pride in the hard work you have done even if you didn't get exactly what you want. You are stronger with every situation you have gone through and it makes you who you are. Everything has a plan and with every good/bad/disappointing experience you have gone through, you are going towards something great.

Be strong Courageous. This is so true. Let your strength shine through! You can do this. You can live! I did! I'm living proof!

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This one is ridiculously true! Our life keeps showing us the fake ones. When the fake people are your own blood, you just have to keep a healthy distance and hope they find security with themselves! Insecure people are the fake ones.

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Two things prevent us from happiness - living in the past and observing others. This quote is so true! Living in comparison and in the past creates nothing but frustration.

“Life is tough but if you are tough with yourself, life will be your best friend.”  - Zig Ziglar

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