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Secrets To Staying Fit Even When It Feels Impossible


Jump up, down, and all around with this TMAC total body ‘Frogs’ workout featuring both forward and backward frog jumps and plank jacks. We Think You Might Also Enjoy.


Work as hard as you can and leave it all on the floor in TMAC’s total body ‘Zooker’ workout featuring jumps, mountain climbers, and elbow planks We Think You Might Also Enjoy.


The Rule of Training and Life

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When my low back is hurting or feels tight this is my go-to stretch. If you do not have a strap you can use a towel. We love seeing our community living healthy and positive lives. Take a pic on social and tag or.


TMAC FITNESS was produced to construct a healthy lifestyle for the busy individual. The best way to stick to a fitness routine is to approach it holistically and make an effort to SWEAT, EAT clean, and get your MIND RIGHT every single day.

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