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Hello random bruise, where did you come from? I think your son is on my heart, and he's really killing me.

That happened to me and I was staring at the guy I liked. Pretty sure he thinks I'm a stalker now! XD

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you're in super deep thought. Then 3 minutes later you realize you are staring directly at someone

sadly this is true.... Best form of entertainment at school.

Teenager Post - I like wearing big sweaters. Not cause they're all comfy & cuddly, but when the sleeves are really big I get to flop them around & smacks people.

Photo - TEENAGER POST...  this always happens to me it's soo funny!!

Photo - TEENAGER POST even though I am usually the one that can't open a water bottle, pickles can be motivating that's u lol!


Teenager Post True friendship is when you walk into their house and your wifi connects automatically.

teenager post | Tumblr hahahahahaha

That is me when I put something in. I click start then run to my task and then do a leap to the microwave when it is at 2 seconds.

Like you know how they ask you to ask a parent before going to disneychannal.com? Well I never do! Lol

He feels like a bad boy going through Walmart exit<< i'm a girl and i do that lol. my mom is like always thinking we're so cool. so i do it to get her to laugh and be happy.

me on the way to the school bus stop,thankyou nice man in a van who let me cross the road!!!! :D

You better do that awkward walk/run when I let you cross! I hate that slow ass "go ahead and hit me" walk.

Wow! Teenager Post #584 I didn't expect this in a Teenager Post but SO true!

Teenager Post I didn't expect this in a Teenager Post but SO true! he is my lord and savior and i know i sin every single day but i know that i have a merciful but forgiving god and all my sins have been paid for.