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Gugulethu Dlamini
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Potatoes with butter and chives

In-depth advice on the different types of potato available, how to grow them in your garden and how to use them in your kitchen.

Potato plant growing in a terracotta pot in a sunny spot

The very first garden-grown potatoes are the stuff of legend - you just can& beat them! In this article Benedict Vanheems has some great ideas to encourage potatoes to crop up to a month earlier than normal.

Harvested potatoes

The potato season isn’t over when the last of the summer spuds are harvested - plant some seed potatoes in late summer and you could be enjoying a bonanza of earthy nuggets from late autumn right through to Christmas.

Potatoes mulched with leaves

Keep Your Garden Healthy Using Leaves

Potatoes growing in an open-sided container

Potatoes growing in a comforter bed based on composting materials

Newspaper pots

Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling items for a more productive (and cheaper) vegetable garden.

It's no secret that I love growing veggies - potatoes in particular - so it upsets me that so many people are getting sad results when they try growing potatoes in novel ways. I just spent an evening watching videos of people who planted potatoes in various enclosures, grew beautiful plants, and then harvested two handfuls of small, knobby potatoes.

A Simple Way to Get High Yields of Potatoes.and it's not by planting them in any container or enclosure.