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some crafting supplies are laid out on a table with scissors, tape and paper
How To Cut Your Own Custom Picture Mats
Did you know that you can cut your own picture mats!? It’s easy, I promise!The husband would accuse me of (incorrectly) saying this about a lot of things…and honestly, there were moments in doing this DIY that I thought it would be more worth it to buy. But, I went through the learning process and the mistakes so you don’t have to.Ok, let me show you how to cut your own custom picture mats! Supplies needed to cut custom picture mats 2 – 20×32 white mat board (2 x $11.99 = $23.98)…
Winter Home Decor DIY : How To Turn Vintage Frames Into Gorgeous Wall Art
A simple winter home decor idea to elevate your wall art quickly! Take any beautiful vintage frame and create you own high end and expensive looking custom fabric mat with raw linen or any fabric. I'm going to show you step by step in this video how to customize your own mats and line them with any fabric! #holidaydecor #winterdecor #vintage #framedwallart #vintagestyle #vintagedecor #landscapepainting #home #homestagingideas #wallartdecor #holidaydecorating #holidayart #holidayhome #homeDIY
some white frames sitting on top of cardboard
Do You Know This Budget Framing Trick?