Unit 18 - C

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two pictures with people and horses in the middle one has a large blue whale on it's back
Archigram, Monte Carlo Competition, 1969. (Original illustrations replaced with Cedric Price's Fun Palace, 1962)
two people are standing in front of a mirror with an object on it's side
victor tsu
an artistic photo with lines and shapes in black and white
Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2012
an open door to a room with a bed in it and some pictures on the wall
Louise Bourgeois
the collage is made up of many different images and words, including an image of a building
Benedetta Tagliabue: ‘Put what you like directly onto the paper, add something else, transform it’
an aerial view of a building made out of metal and glass
Constant. Architectural Design 28 November 1958, 464
a clock that is sitting on top of a table next to a glass ball and wire
Rotary demisphere, 1925 - Marcel Duchamp - WikiArt.org
the shadow of a cell phone and antenna on a wall
there is a small tree in the middle of rocks and stones on the table with people standing around it
Ronan And Erwan Bouroullec · Urban Reveries
an architectural model of a building with a mouse on the ground next to it and a flag in the background
Slow House