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black and white photograph of a woman wearing a dress with sequins on it
a woman in purple and black sequins is posing for a photo with her hands on her hips
She's Like a Rainbow
Dresses, Prom Dresses, Celebrity, Style, Moda, Outfit, Cher Outfits
a woman with long dark hair wearing white pants and a halter top standing in front of a pink wall
a woman standing on top of a skateboard in front of a white wall with her arms crossed
Eclectic Vibes
Celebrities, Diva, Victorian, The Original, Beautiful People, Cher Halloween
Super Seventies
two women standing next to each other on stage
Two Piece Skirt, Pants Set, Skirt Set, Two Piece Pant Set, Two Piece, Two Piece Skirt Set, Pants, Trousers
Happy Birthday, Cher!
the man and woman are dressed in black
The Cher Look Book
Films, Costume Ideas, Hippies, 70s Makeup, Cher 70s Makeup, Mod Girl, Disco
Cher Is 70! Here Are Her Most Iconic Beauty Looks
a woman in a red dress standing on a stage with her hands behind her back