Koeksisters from Food.com: This is a traditional South African dessert. These very addictive treats are not for people who are conscious of weight or sugar intake! These freeze fantastically well and are thus a great lifesaver for when unexpected company arrive. Time to make does not include overnight chilling time.

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South African recipe - 'Melktert' (Milk tart) - It is a South African dessert. It is a sweet pastry crust containing a creamy filling made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs and dusted with cinnamon.

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Milk Tart, custard pie with a sweet pastry crust is a South African favorite, especially at tea time. #recipe #SouthAfrica #dalekh

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A traditional South African dessert aslo known as Melk Tert, although this variation of the recipe is not entirely traditional, it is still well enjoyed by family and friends!

Malva Pudding is a traditional South African dessert but not as old as one might think. Check out this easy Malva Pudding recipe by Chef Beatrix of Royal Malewane. According to Chef Beatrix there are two secrets to Malva Pudding, the first being apricot...

Koeksisters, a traditional braided doughnut-like treat is drenched in ice cold syrup when taken from the hot oil after frying. It is a popular dessert or teatime treat. Recipe in "South African Cooking in the USA", page 152.

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