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Men's short hair cut

Get inspired by over fifty of the best short haircuts in our easy to use gallery of men's short hairstyles from celebrities, models and more.

This biblical quote has a literal meaning to mothers of tongue-tie babies.

The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do.what a great reminder to keep your tongue in check at all times.

Jesus died on  Friday then rose on Sunday! Death could not keep Him in the ground. Praise God for sending His son Jesus to be our hope in this lost & dying world! .

Earth's saddest day and gladdest say were just three days apart. Sunday is coming. Thank you, Jesus!


Every miracle in the Bible first started as a problem - So relax! Have faith! He is God of wonders!


(( Not perfect, just forgiven! )) So true, people are so quick to judge. Being a Christian doesn't mean you are "mistake free or sinless". We are not perfect and THAT is the very reason we need Jesus;and HE IS perfect!

Lion of Judah  - for God is in us when we invite Him in!  And GOD HIMSELF NEVER RETREATS!

"The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion." ~ Proverbs "A lion, which is mighty among beasts And does not turn away from any;

Psalm 14:14

God is. Great Lion of Judah! God is . my Lion Protector. Our Lion God will protect all who call upon His Name. Whatever troubles come our way, we can reach for GOD's mane. God covers and defends His cubs -- us who obey our LORD!