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a printable worksheet for kids to practice reading the english word and sentence
reading passage for CVC words
the jellyfish worksheet for 3rd grade students to learn how to read it
Primary October Resources and a FREEBIE
a poster with different letters and numbers on the back ground, including one letter in the upper
Ballentine Elementary School / Homepage
WCPSS teacher page
an advertisement for the phonological and phonemic awareness program, featuring three children
Phonemic Awareness Assessments and Interventions - Clever Classroom Blog
Phonemic awareness interventions for kindergarten and first graders. Improve reading skills with targeted, systematic, and explicit support.
the complete worksheet for teaching to teach numbers
Whimsy Workshop Teaching & Clever Classroom Newsletters
FREE Vowel Sounds Cheat Sheet. Helpful to refer to when teaching kids the sounds vowels make in words.
a poster with words and pictures on it that say word families, which are in different colors
a page with words and pictures on it, including the words in each word are shown
What are CVC Words - and How to Use them to Teach Your Child to Read!
We’ve been introducing one phoneme (letter sound) at a time with out “sss is for sounds” series, and this week I wanted to take a break from learning sounds to explore the concept of CVC words. CVC words are integral to any pre-reading program and they have a special importance in the Montessori Method, as they are …