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LIV SØRVAAG, (Norway) - juli 2010, drypoint on copperplate ... printed on Hahnemuhle paper, 13 x 32 cm

drypoint on copperplate . printed on Hahnemuhle paper 13 x 32 cm dry point

Sally Anne Fitter

“British artist Sally Anne Fitting set up and run a textile design studio in London.

Ryan Pickart's portraits with their angularity and clash of patterns have many of the characteristics of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

Mix the veiny lines and goth sensibility of Egon Schiele with the colors and patterns of Gustav Klimt, and you will get Indiana artist Ryan .

Ryan Pikart - Amazing portraits!!!

Self or friend portrait with patterning - image inspiration: Miss Moss Ryan Pickart (reminds me of Klimt)

Stressful events have a profound affect on our systems that cause chemical changes in many areas of the brain, including several that are strongly involved in emotions. Emotions that are freely experienced and expressed without judgment or attachment tend to flow fluidly. However, repressed emotions, especially fearful or negative ones can steal our mental energy & hope, leading to health problems, such as high blood pressure or digestive disorders.

Emotions heatmap People drew maps of body locations where they feel basic emotions (top row) and more complex ones (bottom row). Hot colors show regions that people say are stimulated during the emotion.

Tuesday Weld

SIR PETER BLAKE: Sir Peter Blake is a British pop artist who is renowned for his connection with the music industry and his illustration and design of record sleeves.