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a living room with brick walls and furniture in the center, along with a red area rug on the floor
HOME DZINE Home Decor | 20 Divine bare brick interiors
Some may find bare brick depressing, but there's a timeless quality to raw brick that endures through decorating styles; from rustic to contemporary, bare bricks walls add an element of texture and architectural detail to a plain room.
multiple photographs of different types of furniture in an office building, including desks and chairs
another brick in the wall
Exposed brick
a living room filled with furniture and pillows on top of a wooden floor next to a brick wall
brick wall
a bed room with a neatly made bed and an aquarium
Aquarium overhead :-)
an empty room with two chairs, a table and a clock on the wall in black and white
the curious bumblebee
Love this brick
an empty courtyard with brick walls and trees growing over it, in front of a stone building
Blood & Champagne v3.0
Brick on brick
an empty room with brick walls and a mirror on the wall that is reflecting it's interior
LENS°ASS architecten: rabbit hole
brick brick brick
an old brick building with wood floors and arches in the center, leading to a living room
Exposed brick and beams....two elements that work so well together.
an open kitchen with brick walls and wooden flooring, along with black pendant lights hanging from the ceiling
brown dress with white dots
kitchen, exposed brick