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Telling me that your morals are from your religion, all that I hear is "I would totally rape/murder if my super magical imaginary friend wouldn't banish me to his imaginary enemies dungeon of fire for eternity.

It's really unfortunate that logic has no affect on a closed mind. Soldiers of god ask no questions...They "believe" they already have all the answers! Old school isn't going to work anymore. The scientific worldview has presented itself to a generation of change...The kids know!

A "god" wouldn't need some tiny insignificant human trying to convince the world that it even exists.

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“ “ Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. -Happy Birthday to the late Mark Twain, a true American. ” One of my favourite Twain quotations.

i love exploring Your Beautiful Body and licking It and claiming It to be mine! Your enticing scents and delicious taste of Your skin make it so hard to stop.

Slowly he moves his way down kissing every notch of her spine. The sudden nibble on her butt cheek. And as she feels his warm breath between her thighs her legs quiver.