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several photographs of different shapes and sizes of objects in the same photo, each with their own image
Richard Sweeney: Pleated Paper Coolness
"The limitations of paper as a form offer a challenge, which through playful investigation results in tangible models...Hands on manipulation provides the best insight into the properties of a material, allowing its behaviors to be discovered and exploited for the generation of form." -Richard Sweeney
an elephant figurine sitting on top of someone's finger in front of a white background
Little bear-2004 - tiny folded paper sculpture.
an origami bird made out of paper on top of a white countertop
Japanese origami crane made by cut-out paper
an art piece made out of white paper with the words'alphabets'on it
Alphabet Poster - Ron King
Hand-cut, hand-folded Paper Alphabet Poster // Ron King #typography #lettering
several photographs of different shapes and sizes of objects in the same photo, each with their own image
richard sweeney paper sculptures
four different colored papers stacked on top of each other in various shapes and sizes, with one being folded to the side
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of jen stark
Jen Stark paper art
several different types of cards and envelopes
Ami Victorio Design
Pop-up cards with a message
a man standing in front of a white brick wall holding up a large paper sculpture
New Geometric Paper Art from Matthew Shlian — Colossal
paper folding
three different views of the ceiling in an art gallery, each with white and red paint
Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen
clever paper art.
three different views of an intricately designed wall sculpture with gold and white geometric shapes
cut and folded paper
an abstract white sculpture on top of a gray surface
an abstract paper sculpture is displayed on a black background, with white lines running through it
noupe - THE magazine for webworkers and site owners
folding and cutting paper
a white card that has some type of design on it
spacetext construction
type - space - volume exploration by Elod Beregszaszi
an architectural model of a building with multiple floors and balconies on each floor
Paper architect/artist
Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist