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the back end of a truck with blue paint on it's tires and sidewalls
Build Home Made Car Ramps
Corvette C3 Ramps - Build Home Made Car Ramps
an engine is being worked on in a shop with other tools and supplies around it
A Beginner's Guide to Engine Rebuilding
Picture of Disassembly Part 1: Engine & Accessory Removal/Labeling System
a person is holding an empty bottle in front of the car's engine compartment
How to Clean an Engine
how to find a vacuum leak in your car or truck - ericthecargy com
9 Easy Steps on How to Find a Vacuum Leak
This guide on how to find a vacuum leak shows you the symptoms of seepage and the steps on locating it. You don’t have to hire an expert or bring your car to a mechanic and spend hundreds of dollars to fix it
a person is spraying water on the engine of a car with a blue and white sprayer
How to Find a Vacuum Leak in Your Car
vacuum leaks can cause a variety of engine problems, and pros charge money to find them. here’s how to track them down yourself with a spray bottle.
a drawing of someone working on a car's engine with their hand holding the wrench
Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever
Servicing a fuel-injection system opens up lines with pressures that can top 60 psi, we warned in August 2002. "That's enough to spray atomized gasoline across the shop." Here's how to protect your eyes: Wrap a screwdriver shank in a shop towel and use the tip to depress the Schrader valve stem in the fuel rail's diagnostic fitting. -
a man is working on an engine in his car with the spark plugs still attached
10 Car Problems You Can Easily Fix Yourself
The positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV) regulates the flow of flammable crankcase vapors back into the engine so they can be burned safely. The valve is designed to close in the event of an engine backfire to prevent catastrophic engine damage. As they age, the PCV valve accumulates carbon buildup and the spring loses tension, putting your engine at risk. Refer to your car's maintenance guide for recommended replacement intervals. Most PCV valves can be replaced simply by wiggling the val