Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera / Toned gelatin silver print

Albarrán Cabrera The Mouth of Krishna, Seville, Platinum / Palladium print tea toned.

The Mouth of Krishna Alberran Cabrera

Krishna, Barcelona Spain, Park, Eyes

Albarrán Cabrera, "The mouth of Krishna" Seville, 2012

Krishna, Cosmos, Angels, Photography, Anna, Fotografie, Outer Space, Fotografia, Universe

The Mouth of Krishna, Japan, by Albarrán Cabrera

albarrancabrera: “Albarrán Cabrera “The mouth of Krishna” Japan, Pigments, gampi paper and gold leaf.

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Anna Cabrera e Angel Albarrán have been working together for almost 20 years. These images are from their work The Mouth of Khishna

Krishna, Mixed Media, Collage, Mix Media

albarrancabrera: Albarrán Cabrera“The mouth of Krishna” Japan, We have one of our pictures on the cover of the magazine “Dar Lugar”Iside the magazine there is a small article about the image (Spanish only).Thank you to “Dar Lugar” for this collaboration!