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Exotic Plants, Africa

E.heenanii  Jan.2017

E.heenanii Jan.2017

It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at that line for the rest of your life. (Challenge yourself)

Choose Rain takes the EVIL out of bottled water. | Indiegogo | Indiegogo

Choose Rain takes the EVIL out of bottled water.

Lemon wedge in water while boiling eggs to allow for easier shell removal

Put a lemon wedge in the water while boiling eggs. The shells will just about fall off when they're done. Also try adding a teaspoon of oil to the water when boiling eggs.

Cops can now shoot GPS bullets at criminals’ vehicles

help prevent dangerous police chases with StarChase, a system that is capable of aiming a laser at the back of a vehicle and firing a projectile that contains a GPS receiver, wireless transmitter, and battery. Batman had this years ago!

Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. Also heating elements to stay snow/ice free, LEDs to make road lines and signage, and attached Cable Corridor to store and treat stormwater and provide a "home" for power and data cables.

Solar Powered Road Ways may not be as fictional as we may have thought.

MIT has created a filter-free water desalination process that relies on electrical shockwaves

MIT uses electrically-powered shockwaves to separate drinkable water from saltwater and toxic wastewater across a porous material that does not clog.