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Всё для валяния. Интернет-магазин | VK

This is a shroud from the Netherlands artist Jetske van Engelen or the name could be Jetske from the Wading Angels site.

I don't know who made this but I love it, the light (sun) and how light (almost fragile), it appears. S

Feels like a mysterious veil that you would pass through to a fantasy forest on the other side. Or the coolest window covering ever!

Lorina Bulwer’s amazing embroidered ‘Letters from the Workhouse’

‘Letters from the Workhouse’ by Lorina Bulwer, a 63 year old inmate of the female lunatic ward of Great Yarmouth Workhouse. She was an educated middle-class Englishwoman Embroidery, 12 ft long. also check out the art room plant. via The Breckland View

wrap around shelf or wood panels for painting?

The award nominated Franklin Shelf is a 90 degree corner shelf. This unique design allows for maximum storage space, while occupying a very small area.

Tim Dayhuff - drawing - September 2014 - charcoal and white pastel on paper - 11 x 14 in

Interesting use of charcoal medium here displaying a different application as it progresses around the image. Shadow and implied lines contoured with an opposing direct outline.

Джон rafam, новый век требовал, тивное, Lancia trendvisions

jon rafam, new age demanded, ltvs, lancia trendvisions