Buffel armoured vehicle SADF - now that I know it can take on evolved Graboids, it 's coming with me to the Zombiclypse.

The Primary fighting vehicle of 52 Bn. Bobby installed the first command Buffel with radios to operate as a Bn Tactical HQ vehicle.

Those were the days (1981) - SADF. I remember digging the pits for these latrines. We used to call them "go-karts". They stood out in the hot African sun and got very hot. When doing your number two you first had to cool the seat down with water, otherwise you ran the risk of blisters on your behind!

During the South African Border war (Grensoorlog), toilets were in the open and were called "go-carts".

Inspection bed - taken at a military exhibition ( Wingfield } circa 1990.

Inspection bed - taken at a military exhibition ( Wingfield } circa Lyk soos n fokken canoe!


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