Bacon Pea Salad (for mom)

Easy Bacon Pea Salad with Cheddar Cheese. Perfect for Easter or any time! The rest of my family is not a fan of peas, but I could eat the whole thing!

Beef Samosas with Ground Beef, Potatoes & Peas Recipe

Beef Samosas - Very flavorful.was a big hit at a party. It's an exact replication of the samosas I ate at the Sunfest cultural festival in London, Ontario! This will be a well-used recipe at my house .substitute beef for lamb!

Amazing spread for bread, crackers and cheese. It tastes amazing! Never thought you could use biltong (similar to beef jerky) as a pate. You can even use beef jerky instead of biltong.

Just needs a freshly baked crusty bread to go with it.

Biltong & Parmesan stuffed beef fillet

Biltong & Parmesan stuffed beef fillet

Woolworths food styling is terrific!

Yummy South African samoosa

South African Indian Samoosa - chicken, lamb or mutton mince are more popular meat fillings for samoosas in South Africa. Pork, beef or soya mince can be substituted for the mince. The filling recipe is different for potato samoosas.

An old favorite winter pudding - Sago (Snow) Pudding

An old favourite winter pudding - Sago Pudding - My Easy Cooking Ingredients 1 cup sago 1 L milk 1 stick cinnamon pinch of salt 3 tbs sugar 2 eggs – separated (keep whites for topping) + 2 tbsp caster sugar for topping a little apricot jam(optional)





South African Seed Bread

South African Seed Bread Read Recipe by jayti

South African Recipes | MILO MALVA PUDDING

Malva pudding - South African dessert I'm in love with


Bobotie - Ground Beef in Sweet Curry Sauce topped with Egg Mixture



Ocean basket lemon butter sauce

Ocean basket lemon butter sauce

A creamy vanilla blended drink with a serving of Kahlua. Great for a hot summer's night.

South African Don (Dom) Pedro

A Don Pedro Cocktail is a great drink for the holidays. Watch Rhona from…

Sweetcorn Tart 4 Eggs 2 Big tins of Cream Style sweetcorn 60 ml cake flour 60 ml melted butter 60 ml sugar 15 ml baking powder Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a baking tray and bake for 40 minutes at 180degree Celsius until golden brown

Hierdie is lekker saam met braaivleis Dirk se mielie tert ~ RSG 4 eiers 2 groot…

Braai broodjies with roasted tomatoes and basil pesto, click the pic for the recipe.

Braai broodjies with roasted tomatoes and basil pesto (South African barbecued sandwiches)