Christmas Treats

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two marshmallow snowmen in a red mug with cinnamon sticks sticking out of it
Just a picture, but this snowman made from marshmallows relaxing in a hot chocolate hot tub is adorable!
some fruit is arranged in the shape of santa's hats on a white plate
Healthy Christmas Snacks
Fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids. Isn't this clever
christmas cookies are shown on a plate and in the background is an image of santa's helpers
From melting snowmen to charming holiday penguins, these 10 Christmas cookie recipes are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.
christmas cookies and desserts with the words, 30 + christmas cookies on it's side
30+ Incredible Christmas Cookie Recipes
30+ incredible Christmas Cookie Recipes all in one spot! You will definitely find a cookie recipe here that you will love!
there are pictures of christmas food and shoes on the table, but no one is wearing them
All I can think about is baking at Christmas time...Nutter butter Christmas treat ideas