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an old red car parked in front of a house
1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe
an old green and white car parked in the grass
Classic Pontiac Starchief For Sale
Pontiac Starchief 1955.
a man kneeling down next to a blue and white car with numbers painted on it
The Storied Career of Richard Petty--1968 was a dissatifying season by Petty standards. He won 16 races on short tracks but his Plymouth Roadrunner did not have the aerodynamics to match the Fords on superspeedways.
the front end of a sports car in black and white with its door open, on a reflective surface
The Mangusta sports car was sold between 1967 and 1971. Overall the iconic car was only produced 401 times. Designer Maxime de Keiser wanted to pay tribute to the icon and presents the Mangusta Legacy Concept, a vision of how the car might look today. It came out beautiful. (Via autoblog)
an old rusted out sports car in the woods covered with a tarp and some leaves
'69 Camaro Pace Car.
three old cars parked next to each other in front of a rock wall and cloudy sky
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Game Changers! Meet 6 Cars that Changed the Game of the North American landscape.
an old rusted out car in the woods
Left to waste
an old rusted out car in the middle of nowhere
deborah jean's DANDELION HOUSE and GARDEN
many old cars are parked on the grass in front of some buildings and farm equipment
Old rusty cars and agricultural equipment by dave_7, via Flickr
an old bus that is sitting in the woods
1962 Buick Motor Home