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an image with the words my brain is 80 % song lyrics
KaterinaLover Photo: Totally Random
Anime Meme
two anime characters, one with black hair and the other with green eyes text reads sometimes i feel like giving up but then, i read that i have lots of
an anime character with headphones sitting in front of a window
So which song/music is your favourite? - Music
Kiribaku/ Bakushima Fanart
Kiribaku/ Bakushima Fanart
two anime characters with the caption, you held to so long and the moment when you feel like giving up, remember all the reason
Hunter x Hunter uploaded by Nico Edogawa on We Heart It
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, this might be the best thing i've ever read
This might be the best thing I've ever read.
Emotional Quotes, Hurt Quotes, Quotes Deep, Words Quotes
Relatable, especially songs you enjoyed with someone special - Relationship
Funny Text Messages, Boyfriend Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Girl Facts, Funny Texts, Crush Quotes
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a quote that reads, there's people who have it worse than you do i know
"There's people who have it worse than you do. " I know that, but please stop acting like my problems don't matter.