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Vintage Fitness Ads You Won't Believe Existed

Who doesn't love a good throwback? Baby pictures aside, old-school fitness ads provide some of the best vintage gems out there. We gathered seven of the most

History Discover German soldier readied for the firing squad. German soldier readied for the firing squad. World History World War Ii Pictures War Photography Chapelle Vietnam War Military History Historical Photos Belle Photo

✪ 23 year old German soldier Manfred Pernass, is about to die at the hands of US forces at Henri-Chapelle on 23-12-1944. He, Oberfähnrich Günther Billing and Gefreiter Wilhelm Schmidt were captured wearing US uniforms for Operation Greif ("Griffin"). They were all executed. Their Waffen-SS commander, Otto Skorzeny, would, after the war, also be charged but acquitted. Their (non-combat) use of enemy uniforms ended up being considered a legitimate ruse by the tribunal.

Balsam for Lungs with Alcohol, Heroin and Chloroform vintage medicine label. It would repress the coughing but in someone with pneumonia it possibly could have been fatal.

Pelikan's Balsam for Lungs.

Vintage Whisky Dispenser On yes.iced whiskey, def one of the better retro inventions.bring it back, way better than the murky tea and coffee we get at my work vending machine that tastes like dishwater

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Ложь во имя истории. Раса великанов - Открытая Книга

Giants in History

Original photo shows German soldier posing with a farmer. Allied version shows him as a sadistic hangman. Military Photos, Military History, World War One, Second World, Bermuda Onion, Creepy History, Horrible Histories, Evil World, Lumberjacks

Original photo shows German soldier posing with a farmer. Allied version shows him as a sadistic hangman.

Búscame en el ciclo de la vida: 901. Sentido popular y revolucionario de la fiesta... World History, World War Ii, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Creepy History, Spanish War, Horrible Histories, Guernica, Photo B

901. Sentido popular y revolucionario de la fiesta de las fallas

Marzo. Agonizante ya la Cuaresma, cuando comienzan a esclatar los azahares entre la hojarasca perenne de los naranjales; cuando las vigilias del breve invierno mediterráneo tocan a su fin, los carpinteros de Valencia celebraban su confraternidad gremial en doble honor totémico a San José, su cofrade carpintero, y a la vida que recomienza cada año en primavera huertana, que, franqueando las murallas, transpira en todo el ambiente de la ciudad antigua. En aquella época, el reglamento del…

Giant skeletons of an unidentified human race have been excavated around the world, lending credence to the strange stories of Nephilim in ancient texts. According to the book of Genesis, Nephilim.

Dr.Hovind: Giant "Human" Skeletons Illuminati Cover Up Exposed!![Full Documentary] 2016

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African Zulu legends tell of an extra-terrestrial race called the Chitauri

The Moon is an Extraterrestrial Spaceship - Read Why

Hold On For This One: The Moon Is Hollow And This Is Why December 11, 2013 by Jeff Roberts Have you ever stopped to think about our moon? Evidence describes an alternative story for its origin. Get ready for this one. “What in blazes is our Moon doing way out there? It’s too far out to be a true satellite of Earth , it is too big to have been captured by the Earth. The chances of such a capture having been effected and the Moon then having taken up a nearly circular orbit about the Earth are…

Tar and Feather Victim - This was actually one of the worst forms of torture and disfigurement.

Tar and feathered

Second photo of the hanging of Jenny-Wanda Barkmann after her conviction of war crimes in It is interesting how these pictures look no different than the pictures of the people he Nazi's hanged during their reign of terror . Danzig, Creepy History, Crime, Horrible Histories, World History, World War Two, Historical Photos, American History, Wwii

The Bad Girls of Nazi Germany: JENNY WANDA BARKMANN

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