Gonda du Plessis

Gonda du Plessis

My nooiensvan is Griffioen
Gonda du Plessis
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Fluffy Cheesecake – Whipped topping gives this cherry-topped no-bake cheesecake recipe its amazing height. Fluffy? Yes. But it's sure to dominate the dessert table.

Fluffy Cheesecake – This no-bake, cherry-topped cheesecake recipe gets its amazing height from COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. You betcha. This is one dessert that’s sure to dominate its holiday sweet treat competition.

SNICKERDOODLES  250ml Kookolie   300g Suiker   2 Eiers   330g Koekmeel   Sout   12,5 ml Kremetart   5ml Koeksoda   50ml Suiker   10ml ...

Paula Deen White Chocolate Cherry Chunkies- This has been a Holiday favoriite since the recipe went up on the FN site. It's become a Christmas Tradition to make them, in fact my co-workers and family demand it.

Outydse soetkoekies. It's an South African sugar cookies

This site contains a recipe for Outydse Soetkoekies a truely South African style baked good.