25 Great Pallet Projects For Your Garden

No matter the size of your outdoor area—whether it’s a tiny balcony, a sprawling backyard, or something in between—these pallet projects are here to help you…
20 Pins
a wooden sign sitting in the middle of a garden
Outdoor Signage
Last on our list is outdoor signage that can serve various purposes, from labeling garden areas (like herb gardens, flower beds, or vegetable patches) to adding decorative accents and directional cues.
a vertical garden wall made out of wooden pallets with plants growing on top and below
Garden Fences
You can also attach planter boxes or grow bags to the pallet fences and fill them with a variety of plants such as flowers, herbs, or succulents.
a wooden fence with plants growing on it and gravel in the ground next to it
Garden Fences
Besides using pallets for privacy screens, they’re also great for building other types of garden fences like boundary dividers or decorative accent fences.
a wooden planter filled with lots of different types of plants on top of gravel
Plant Stands
You can also easily transform pallets into a ladder-style plant stand with multiple tiers or shelves. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @RUSTICOS.RODRIGUEZ
several succulents are arranged on wooden pallets
Plant Stands
A pallet plant stand is a clever way to show off your collection of cacti and succulents while making the most of your garden space.
a wooden table sitting next to a bottle of wine on top of a stone ground
Outdoor Table
Turning pallets into a table is a great DIY project that lets you get creative and show off your woodworking skills. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space!
a wooden planter filled with lots of plants next to a fenced in area
Planter Boxes
Meanwhile, raised planter boxes provide excellent drainage and aeration for plants, promoting healthier root growth and reducing the risk of soil compaction. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @BUNNINGSWORKSHOP
several wooden planters filled with plants next to a stair case on the side of a building
Planter Boxes
You can also use pallets to create vertical planters by attaching the boxes to walls or staircases! Image credit: INSTAGRAM @GOODMAGAZINENZ
a wooden box filled with lots of plants
Planter Boxes
Planter boxes made from pallets can accommodate a wide range of plants, including flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents, and ornamentals.
several wooden crates filled with plants on top of a wooden table next to each other
Planter Boxes
Pallets can be easily transformed into various shapes and sizes to suit your garden space and planting needs.
a wooden box filled with dirt sitting in the grass
Raised Garden Beds
You can also use a raised garden bed made from pallets as a designated area to store soil, compost, mulch, or other gardening materials. This helps keep your garden supplies neatly organized and easily accessible.
a wooden pallet filled with lots of plants on top of green grass covered ground
Raised Garden Beds
Moreover, the vertical design of attached planter boxes saves horizontal space, making it suitable for smaller gardens, balconies, or patios where space is limited. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @AVELLINOFARMS
an outdoor garden area with plants and trash cans
Raised Garden Beds
Another option is to stack pallets to increase the height of the bed or dismantle them to adjust the dimensions as needed. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @IDEJE_ZA_UREDJENJE_ENTERIJERA
several wooden boxes filled with different types of plants
Raised Garden Beds
Pallets can be easily modified to create raised beds of various sizes and shapes to fit your garden space.
a black shelf with plants and herbs on it
Vertical Gardens
A wall-mounted herb planter box can also add a decorative element to the exterior of your house, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @ALLIE_WILSON_HOME