24 Small Rooms With TWO Beds That Just Work

It can be quite challenging to design a room with two beds in it because of space restrictions. Fortunately, nothing is impossible in the realm of interior…
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a room with two beds and a fire place in the corner, next to a bookshelf
Window Reading Nook
This last design cleverly places two beds parallel to each other in a narrow apartment, which maximizes the length of the area.
there are two beds in the room with pillows on them and a window that looks out onto the mountains
Window Reading Nook
Up next is this refined gray aesthetic with a large picture window, a reading nook by it, and a place for your books under the seat.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a large window
Window Reading Nook
We’ll also present a few designs that let you put in two beds and fit in a reading nook!
two beds in a room with white walls and wood flooring next to a fireplace
Bedrooms With Fireplaces
You can also go for a pristine all-white cabin for a warm and bright bedroom. The heavenly interior is a dream to come home to!
there are two beds in the room with white linens
Bedrooms With Fireplaces
This modern rustic design emphasizes the fireplace placement. Here, it sits snugly between the two beds, defining the distinction.
two beds are in front of a fireplace with pillows and blankets on top of them
Bedrooms With Fireplaces
This bedroom is on the sultrier side with a darker interior. It also boasts more firewood storage so you never run out!
a bedroom with large windows and a bed in front of a window seat that has pillows on it
Bedrooms With Fireplaces
We have another stunning neutral bedroom also equipped with a built-in fireplace.
there are two beds in the room with bookshelves on the wall and a window
Bedrooms With Fireplaces
This breathtaking all-white bedroom looks like it belongs in a vacation rental! The soft linens and lavish interior design make it feel anything but small!
two beds in a room with built - in bookcases on the wall and wooden floors
Attic Bedroom With Twin Beds
Give your attic a newfound purpose and aesthetic by turning it into this wonderful bedroom! It’s a straightforward design with two charming twin beds and shelved headboards for each. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @PENNIES_FOR_A_FORTUNE
a bed with drawers underneath it and a desk next to it in a room that has blue carpeting
Blue Bedroom With Trundle
Now, this has to be the ultimate space-saving bed: the magnificent trundle. Trundles place two mattresses into one structure to make it a compact piece. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @INTERIORSSTORAGEANDDECLUTTER
a bedroom with two bunk beds next to each other on top of a hard wood floor
Geometric-Themed Bedroom With Backlights
Let’s have some fun with shapes in this sharp geometric bedroom. First, wallpaper with triangular prints, geometric line art of a bear, and of course, the ravishing blue beds. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @TM.ARQUITECTURAINTERIOR
a baby's room with a crib, rocking chair and bookshelf
Nursery With Wooden Cribs
This adorable nursery just so happens to fit two comfortable wooden cribs side-by-side, ready to welcome in two beautiful babies. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @TUTTIBAMBINIUK
two beds sitting next to each other in a room with white walls and wooden floors
Elevated Wooden Platforms
Elevating platforms create different spaces with designated functions which can result in an organized environment. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @IMAGICASA_KIDS
a white bunk bed sitting next to a window in a room with blue and white decor
Blue And White Design With Stair Storage
Now this pleasant home has a fresh and airy ambiance with refreshing hues of blue and white all over. Another highlight is the simple and elegant bunk beds that follow the same color scheme. Image credit: INSTAGRAM @MY_INTERIOR.MOTIVES
a room with bunk beds and wooden walls
Wooden Cabin Bunk Beds
Meanwhile, this bunk bed is the closest to an actual cabin design with its raw wood look, and built-in beds, not to mention the framed bear! Image credit: INSTAGRAM @CENTRESKYARCHITECTURE