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a brown and white rooster standing on top of green grass
our Louis, serama rooster
a black and white chicken standing next to a tree in a fenced in area
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ENGLISH MOTTLED ORPINGTON Rooster, Rare Breed Auctions
two chickens and one chicken are sitting in the hay on top of their nests
Julias Vita Drö this little family.
a close up of a rooster with red feathers
I scrapped with a rooster just like this when I was in 5th grade. He was the meanest sob I ever met! A mad dash to the hen house to collect the eggs & I was outta there! @ memories of grandma's farm. Middletown, Indiana
a close up of a rooster with blurry bokets in the back ground
Waiting for something...
a white rooster with a red head and tail standing on its hind legs in front of a black background
Photograph Submission for 'Farm Animals' Contest | Design #8881267
Monsieur le Coq by Eurodice
a close up of a rooster's head and neck
Handsome rooster
a brown rooster standing on top of grass next to a wire fence with chickens behind it
Chocolate Orpington
a close up of a rooster's head with a red comb and black feathers
chickens roosters
chickens roosters - Google Search
a black rooster standing on top of a grass covered field next to a dirt road
Poultry Supplies for sale | eBay
8 LF Black English Orpington Hatching Eggs NPIP Certified Show Quality | eBay
several chickens walking around in the grass
Burlap and Hay Handsome!
a rooster standing in the snow next to a wooden fence with its red comb on it's head
a rooster is standing in the grass
Coq domestique. La poule ou coq ou encore poulet domestique est une sous-espèce d'oiseaux de l'ordre des Galliformes. Cet oiseau est élevé à la fois pour sa chair, pour ses œufs, pour le combat, parfois pour ses plumes et encore plus rarement pour la crête du coq. Wikipédia
two roosters are standing in the grass with daffodils and daisies
Dancing in daffodils...
Dancing in daffodils...
there is a rooster that is walking on the grass
Cock A Doodle “GET THE HELL UP”
Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World — 4redbelts: thecountryroad: Cock A Doodle “GET...