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Parmi les félins sauvages, les Lynx se reconnaissent facilement avec leurs jolis plumets sur les oreilles. Mais au fait, ont-ils un lien avec les chats Maine Coons qui ont la même particularité (d'ailleurs, chez eux, cela s'appelle des Lynx tips !) ? Réponse dans cet article !
Poils aux oreilles ;-) Non sans blague, juste un magnifique Lynx... ♥ Photographe : Mario Moreno

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a cheetah with a hat on its head
a large tiger sitting on top of a rock
a cheetah laying on the ground with its mouth open
a cheetah standing in the middle of a dry grass field with another animal behind it
a close up of a tiger with its mouth open
two baby snow leopards are laying on the ground next to each other in their enclosure
a large cheetah standing on top of a rock
a large lion walking across a dry grass covered field
a large lion laying on top of a dirt hill next to a body of water
a lion running across a dirt field at sunset
a lion roaring its teeth with his mouth wide open in the sun on dry grass
two young lions standing next to each other in front of rocks with their mouths open
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