Languages (I know and want to know)

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Funny pictures about English doesn't borrow. Oh, and cool pics about English doesn't borrow. Also, English doesn't borrow.


So do you speak Portugues-ish? South African design agency Radio created the illustrations for Nando’s international campaign book. The book features a map of Portugal and other cool prominent cities.

If you Know Afrikaans, you get this

Afrikaans - Giraffe in Afrikaans is called kameelperd - kameel = Camel. Perd = Horse thus camelhorse! too cute! net in Afrikaans!


Funny pictures about Lingual differences. Oh, and cool pics about Lingual differences. Also, Lingual differences photos.

LEARNING: Spanish Language

Madrid has so much going on which is not surprising as it is the biggest city in Europe. The streets of Madrid really do come to life in the evening with live music venues, flamenco nights, tapas bars and funky modern venues you can party all night long.

Arabic language class  I swear this was me too!

Arabic language class I swear this was me too!

Learn Icelandic in Reykjavik at the Icetrans School, Iceland, language immersion courses, individual private lessons, fees, prices, rates

Learning Icelandic in Iceland where it is spoken, you are immersed in the language, intonation, pronunciation, idiomatic expressions as well as in the culture

Language Learning with Rosetta Stone

Language Learning with Rosetta Stone

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