Elzanne Singels- Painted this for a friend a few years ago (he is a mad surfer guy).

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Elzanne Singels- Kudu on the plain (2014)

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Painting I did of a Bokmakierie bird(Telophorus zeylonus) also indigenous to South Africa

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Painting I did of a Aloe marlothii (indigenous to South Africa)

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Ngoni's in Natal- Elzanne Singels- 2012

James Dean for a friend- 2012

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Beech Forest- 2012- Elzanne Singels

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The other side of my room-divider. Thought it would be a good idea to give it two different designs on each side. The stencil was also quite easy to make.

My attempt at making a room-divider. Quite easy and very effective. The stencil was also not so difficult to make.

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