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Several folks asked how I did my calligraphy flourish drills a few weeks ago - so I pulled together a hand drawn practice sheet. It's a simple way to practice the strokes and formations to create some muscle memory, which makes flourishing easier while lettering. You can use this for faux calligraphy, brush pens, pointed pen - just different techniques. Also, these are not the only flourishes! You can do almost anything as a flourish - these are a few to get you started, and you should…

Once I got some basics down, watched a few tutorials from the wonderful Pieces Calligraphy and Postman's Knock, I became intrigued by the idea of flourishing. I've been dreamily staring at differe.

April Setup: May Designs Folio Edition – Pretty Prints & Paper

I continue my bullet journal experiments after the Passion Planner and Inkwell Press - this month, see how I'm bullet journaling in this May Designs Folio system!