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Gita Claassen

Gita Claassen
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The full poem in Elvish script. I know I'm a dork for repinning this. That's okay.

The full poem in Elvish script. - I've gone through some tough times and, as I'm 50 this year, I've wondering about getting the first verse as a tattoo. I'd get it in white ink, so it's a testament to my survival, but only *I* can see it.

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Greater Kudu skull in ink by Woosie

Doodle of a Greater Kudu skull done with an ink pen. Done in Greater Kudu skull in ink

Chickpea dumplings in sweet potato gravy - super easy vegan comfort food!

The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet to Diabetics Diabetics must choose any food they eat very carefully, as each food choice they make has a profound impact on their overall health on a meal-to-meal basis.