Sumaira Tariq

Sumaira Tariq

I'm a Doctor. Love me or hate me. I'm horrible with men. In fact I get dumped all the time.
Sumaira Tariq
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Why is it that for a woman she's a pizza slut, but for a man he's a pizza player?

This is one slut-shaming title: | 12 (Unintentionally) Creepy Children's Books

12 (Unintentionally) Creepy Children’s Books These vintage kids books are a major fail, but they’re also HILARIOUS.

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Rue McClanahan, was an American actress best known for her role on the Golden Girls. Died at the age of Born: February Healdton, OK Died: June New York City, NY

But since he's an idiot, who cares that he's clearly threatened by women?

I'm an educated, articulate, independent woman.Or in Rush Limbaugh's words, a slut! [He's wrong of course. A "slut" is any woman who would lower her standards enough to sleep with Rush Limbaugh!

My girl at the meeting said you can't turn a hoe into a housewife but look at me. But some people can't get down wit it. I'm out

And that's probably why you will never marry! "Can't turn a hoe into a housewife . Hoes don't act right!