Beaded waterfall

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Do-Dah Jar

This too was an old Nivea jar - covers with tiles. It even has a mirror on the inside of the lid to make it even more useful.

Faerie Glen

Pretty Petunia

I love the way the sun catches all those little hairy bits.

Catnip zplunker

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Crazy colours

Recycled Bottletop

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Oh shit! Said the fly...

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It's in my parlour!

Strange Creatures, Parlour, Rain Drops, Spiders, Daisy, Eyes, Posts, Messages, Small Salon

"Come into my parlour" said the Spider

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Delightful Daisy Bush

10 Years Later, Pretoria, Cape Town, Grandmothers, Capes, Plants, Laughing, Daisy, Yellow

Beautiful Bindweed

It's a version of the flower known as Morning Glory - also snakes its way up and down the vegetation in Faerie Glen Nature Reserve - but it does look very pretty. Specially as it comes in various colours - like little jewels sparkling in the veld.

Make a wish...

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Pretty Portulaca

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