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This time of year there’s no one more highly organized than a teacher. In addition to getting all those seating charts, lesson plans, and assignments in hand, an ultra-tidy classroom space makes all the rest of those tasks easier. So you can bet teachers keep their rooms and desks shipshape. Luckily, that means there’s lots of smart, crafty, even downright cheap ideas out there to crib from.

Getting all those seating charts, lesson plans, and assignments in hand, an ultra-tidy classroom space makes all the rest of those tasks easier.

Refurbished stool

Turn an old stool into a craft room organizer. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. Turn upside down. Tie canvas bags onto the outside legs and fill the inside with gift wrapping paper rolls.

Student Whereabouts - I love this! Of course you could do it with the students' names too.

I love this magnet board for student whereabouts. Students are responsible for moving their number when they leave the room. The teacher is then able to know where each student is at all time.

I love this idea to use table captains as part of a classroom management tool!

Each day a new table captain will be assigned. This is a good way to teach leadership to students. In my classroom, the table captain will be responsible for distributing papers, making sure the table is prepared and anything else that I may decide.

I may make some with my routines for students that are struggling after the first couple weeks.

I can see using several of these short checklists for students throughout the day during transition times like morning, lunch, and dismissal times.

Students LOVE Classroom Helpers/Jobs and You Will, Too!

Students love to feel like they have a purpose or a job. This job list will be good for ass ok going students to perform duties. This helps with understanding working together as a community of helpers.

A metal tray and magnets serve as a "Where Are We?" chart. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Number magnets to keep track of kids you allow to leave the room. Use a cookie sheet with glass stones glued to scrapbook paper and a magnet. then trim in fun duct tape! (The cookie sheet magnet board is pretty sweet for multiple different crafts.