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Ukraine, from Iryna                                                       …

a Ukrainian girl in traditional costume

Valkyrie headdress by Jolien-Rosanne on deviantART Beautiful!!!

Happy new Year Everybody! I had this incredible urge to make a Valkyrie feather headdress, so I did. It is made with turkey feathers scales.

Woodland Butterfly Queen Crown - #sweetpaul

10 Super-Cute DIY Halloween Masks & Headpieces Let these mask and headpiece ideas inspire you to make something special this Halloween! Best part is, all of these projects can be used year-round for dress-up fun!

Adding on Akasha's headdress 2 by on @deviantART

Now that I've finally assembled the wireframe and gotten the pearl veneer spikes on I have been feeling really productive. No cost to school either! I just cut out gold and silver posterboard in th.

Gold Halo Headdress, Chrome Halo, Crown of Light, Gold Aureola, Gold Crown…

Gold Halo Headdress Chrome Halo Crown of by TandSugarArtStudio - working on an idea for a classic burlesque with a mildly religious bent.