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an artist's rendering of a house in the middle of a grassy field with trees
Students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology refurbished three disused shipping containers to build a house that proves...
an image of a house with solar panels on it's roof and the words off grid living written below
640sqft Solar Powered Shipping Container Cabin with Greenhouse For $25k
four different views of the inside of a house with trees and bushes on each side
Mu88 Me - Trang chủ đăng ký đăng nhập Mu88 mới nhất
the inside of a house that is being constructed into a living room and dining area
Repurposed Shipping Container Home (355 Sq Ft)
A 355 sq ft home made from three repurpose shipping containers
the tiny house is built with wood and steel
Efficient Custom Hybrid Pre-Fab Home Plans
I love this one :) I still love the style of this one best. Floor-plan is there also.
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a house made out of shipping containers with windows
Freedom by Minimalist Homes
Milford, MI-based Minimalist Homes built the Freedom shipping container house using a minimalist industrial theme to reduce its impact on the environment.
cargo containers are stacked on top of each other
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how to build a shipping container home the complete guide by tom wood's book
How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home
How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home When it comes to building your own shipping container home there are many things we need to consider. I imagine you’ve already searched for various other guides online, however many of these guides don’t contain the crucial information which you need. Most people who want to build …
the instructions for how to build a shipping container home with pictures and text on it
17 Cool Container Homes To Inspire Your Own | Homesteading Ideas
two different views of the same building and one showing what it looks like in each section
How to Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes
Shipping Container House Plan Book Series – Book 49 #containerhome #shippingcontainer
a house made out of plants and flowers in a backyard with a potted planter
9 amazing ways to use a shipping container
As a guesthouse, garden shed or sauna, a shipping container can serve as a beautiful extension of your home sweet home.