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a christmas tree with an elf hanging from it's top and lights on the bottom
a glass jar filled with an elf figurine next to a sign that says dad faced i'm hiding from the smell it's safe in here
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an airplane is flying in the sky with its landing gear down
an elf is sitting in a paper bag next to two stuffed animals on the table
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an elf is sitting on the floor next to a sign
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two elf dolls sitting on top of a washing machine
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an elf is sitting on top of a table with the free printable activity sheet
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an elf is sitting in a tray with spoons, forks and silverware on it
an elf in a jar with a note attached to it that says i climbed in this bottle so that today you can carry me with you and can't wait for what to see
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two elfs are sitting in the refrigerator with signs on their head and one is holding a sign that says help me, the milk has gone bad
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an elf is sitting next to some oreos and toothpaste
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two elfs are in the microwave with popcorn