Steampunk mixed media art

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a painting hanging on the wall next to a red and white wall with a woman's head covered in jewelry
a metal plate with a rooster on it's side and chains around its neck
שּ Петух – ключ к богатству שּ
an ornate metal artwork with vines and flowers
Another mini mixed media canvas. So fun to make.
a close up of a piece of art on a white surface with lots of different things in it
Steampunk Fantasy
an altered book with lots of different things on it
Mixed media project ideas
an altered book with flowers and the word be fair written on it's cover
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altered photograph of an ornate cross with black and white designs on it's side
Kraft boekjes pimpen
an altered photograph of a clock on a piece of paper with the word photography written below it
Photographs - the Vintage Picture Wheel
an old book is sitting on a table with a chain attached to the front cover
Summer Solstice Rising
a clock made out of metal and gears on a white surface with holes in the middle
Яндекс.Почта — бесплатная и надежная электронная почта
an old sewing box with scissors and other items on the table next to a doll
Caixa em MDF: Quer investir em um artesanato que vende? Saiba tudo sobre elas e ganhe dinheiro!
an altered book with gears and chains on the cover is sitting on a piece of fabric
Tutorial of the Month: Steampunk Book Cover - ButterBeeScraps
an altered book with a clock and key on it
Tracey M. Webb
an altered book with some keys on it
Masculine Grunge #1
an antique looking box sitting on top of a wooden table
Steampunk - Item That You Desired
an altered photograph of a man standing in front of clocks
magdalena's attic